Control costs and increase productivity with the unique set of features and functionality of SIMS Claims.

SIMS Claims™ provides many architectural and functional advantages that, when combined, cause SIMS Claims™ to stand above the competition.

Core Features

  • Document Management

    Go paperless! Store documents electronically and access them from the claim file. Generate payments and legal documents during the scanning process. Once payments are created, images of the original invoice and check are viewable from the payment records.

  • Flexible Business Rules

    Highly configurable XML-based rules engine supported by an intuitive user interface. Business rules are implemented asynchronously for superior performance and scalability.

  • Advanced Reporting

    SIMS Claims™ provides users the ability to subscribe to, and automatically receive, reports in a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, XML, CSV, and TIFF.

  • Role-Based Security

    Restricts system access to authorized users and enables modifications to field captions and required fields as well as the ability to add custom fields to SIMS Modules.

  • Microsoft Office Integration

    Seamlessly interacts with Microsoft office products allowing information to be exported to Excel or Word with the click of a button.

  • Diaries

    User or system-generated diaries are always viewable so there is no toggling between screens.

  • Configurable Payment and Reserve Types

    Allows for an unlimited number of categories.

  • Notepads

    Notepad templates and a rich HTML editor allow for spell checking, style application, and consistency.

  • Automatic Letters Generation

    System and Client-defined letter libraries for each insurance line and jurisdiction that auto-populate information from the claim file.

  • Litigation Calendar

    Users can see all of their litigation events in a calendar format and add items to Outlook for alerts.

  • Intelligent Subrogation

    Automatic subrogation identification based on keyword combinations.

  • Bing Maps Integration

    Interacts with Bing Maps to easily find recommended vendors of a certain type within a user-defined radius of the claimant or injury address.

  • SIMS Mobile

    Empower your claims team while on the go. SIMS Mobile is developed for tablets and mobile phones that work on both iOS (Apple) and Android environments. It provides real-time information directly to and from SIMS Claims enabling your team to work efficiently from virtually anywhere. Features: Look up a claim, review detailed information, and directly upload images, videos and recording to the claim file.

Other Key Features & Attributes

Some other key features of SIMS Claims™ include:

  • Quick Payments—Bulk payment entry without having to access each claim file.
  • Central Address Book—Avoid duplication of vendor and contact records.
  • Excess/Reinsurance Tracking—Automatically notify Excess Carriers as the Total Incurred reaches the Occurrence or Policy Limits.
  • Organization Hierarchy—Track an unlimited number of organizational tiers for large Insureds.
  • Time Tracking—Track time for billable users and auto-calculate their fees.
  • Paperless Payment and Reserve Approvals based on user authority limits.