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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is SIMS Claims™ a browser-based application?

    Yes. Systema employed the latest technologies to provide a visually appealing, feature-rich, yet simple and elegant user interface. SIMS Claims™ uses a thin, browser-based client that is easy to use and maintain.

  • What technology was used to develop SIMS Claims™?

    SIMS Claims™ was developed using the Microsoft .NET platform, Web Services, C#, AJAX, and SQL Server. This technology provides the greatest level of integration with Microsoft Desktop applications typically used by our clients such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. In addition, our robust database model supported by SQL Server makes integration, creation of business rules, custom reports, and add-on conversions much easier to create and maintain.

  • What's your software development methodology?

    Our methodology is based on Agile Development. This iterative, incremental approach allows Systema to expedite the delivery of client requirements and enhancements while reducing the risk associated with software development.

  • Does Systema have Policy Administration or Billing solutions?

    No, Systema is dedicated to doing one thing: creating the best claims administration technology in the industry. Because we have opted to take this best-of-breed approach, Systema is pre-integrated with vendors that provide Policy Administration and Billing solutions. Because of modern SOA (Service Oriented Architectures) and the ability to interact in real time via WebServices and messaging systems with other best-of-breed systems, our combined solution outperforms most all-in-one systems without sacrificing functionality.

  • Does SIMS Claims™ support CMS?

    Yes, SIMS Claims™ supports CMS. SIMS Claims™ captures the needed data for CMS, with many of our clients extracting the data from SIMS Claims™ and reporting directly. Other clients opt to use
    third-party data submission companies such as MRRS (Mitchell Regulatory Report Solutions) or Gould and Lamb.

  • How is SIMS Claims™ licensed?

    SIMS Claims™ provides three licensing models: Perpetual License, a Term Lease, and Monthly Rental. Licensing Fees are then based on Lines of Business used, Number of Users, and Modules & Connectors selected. For more information on pricing, please contact Sales.

  • What kinds of companies use SIMS Claims™?

    SIMS Claims™ is being used by Insurance Carriers, TPA's, Pools, and Self Insureds to manage claims.

  • How long has Systema been around?

    Systema was founded in 2006. SIMS Claims™ was first deployed into production in May 2007.

  • How often is SIMS Claims™ updated?

    SIMS Claims™ has two main software releases provided each year. New features requested for new clients, from our product roadmap, and User Group-requested functionality are rolled into one common set of source code. This drastically simplifies customer support and application of updates, which can be done in a matter of hours.

  • Who owns Systema?

    Systema is owned by a group of private investors directly engaged with the Insurance Industry.

  • Why was SIMS Claims™ created?

    SIMS Claims™ was created to provide a viable alternative to what was being offered in the marketplace. The Systema founder, personnel, and investors have been in the industry for decades and know thousands of claims professionals. These professionals have been seeking a different kind of software vendor, one that:

    • Has a high level of integrity and truly listens to clients
    • Strives for continuous innovation and reliability
    • Creates stable/scalable software, with the most modern technologies
    • Provides the highest level of configurability creating maximum vendor independence, if desired
    • Partners with their clients to enhance the software
    • Focuses solely on claims solutions and partners with
      third-party solutions/vendors when it makes sense

    These are the founding tenants to creating SIMS Claims™ and Systema.